Did you know that ~30% of births are by C-section?! Learning how to mobilize (aka massage) your scar using C-section scar massage techniques is important for flexibility, scar appearance, function and can even help with pain.  We have a great video to help you start!

In the video, we demonstrate a few different techniques to try out. Give them a try and see if you find any areas that feel tighter than others. Try to focus on the areas of tightness. Scar massage should not be painful, but you should feel some pulling on the skin.

You can start C-section scar massage when the scar is completely healed and no longer has any open areas or scab. We like to mention that we use these technique on any surgical scar, even if it’s older. We work on loads of scars that are over a decade old!


Want to learn more?

Just in case you’re curious to know more about what happens during a c-section check out this post. It can be quite amazing to learn what happens to the body during a C-section.

Something else worth considering is using silicone on the scar to help with compression, healing, and scar appearance.  Silicone has been used to help improve scars for well over 3 decades now. We often recommend this product for scar treatment. We even have a blog post all about it! Click HERE.

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