The first poo after baby. Scary for many. C-section mamas worry about the pressure against their incision, and vaginal delivery mothers – well, depending on the amount of trauma, can be nervous indeed. So here are some tips for how to poo after baby.

1. Deal with Constipation

We get it, in the last few weeks of pregnancy your diet might not have been stellar. During labour you probably weren’t really allowed to drink. And pain medications certainly don’t help the bowels. Well, now that you are on the other side of delivery, help yourself out. Follow your doctor’s or midwife’s recommendation for improving stool consistency. If they prescribe you a stool softener you might want to follow their advice. But also remember to stay hydrated, slowly return to eating fiber, and get walking, even in just short bouts, once it’s safe. These can all help to get the gut moving and to create a softer poo after baby.

2. Toilet Posture

What? You didn’t know that there was a difference between the positions you choose while doing number twos?  Well there is! When toilets are too tall for someone, it can make it difficult to relax the back half of the pelvic floor. Ideally, we want knees that are (at least) slightly higher than hips, and a neutral low back. Slouchy positions are not great. By placing a simple foot stool under your feet, you can elevate your thighs to a better position. So, do quick check when you are next on the toilet. Do you need to go up on your tiptoes to get your knees higher than your hips? If yes, then a step for your feet is great! Any step will do, but we love the squatty potty – click here to check it out!

How to Poo After Baby

This toilet is too tall for this person to fully relax the back half of their pelvic floor.

How to Poo after baby

This toilet posture can be improved by placing a foot stool underfoot to elevate the thighs.

3. Support your stiches!

Here’s a big one ladies! Nervous about bearing down through some pretty tender tissues when you poo after baby? Pretty common. Try wrapping your finger tips in toilet paper and placing them over your vaginal area. You are meant to give gentle support to your stitches. What about C-section mothers? You can take a small pillow or rolled towel and gently press it over your abdomen to support the abdominal stitches.

Hopefully these 3 tips will give you a bit more confidence about how to poo after baby!

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