Congrats you just had a baby! Way to go Mama!

Maybe you tore or had an episiotomy. ⠀
Maybe you didn’t….. ⠀Maybe you ended up in a C-section?

Either way you’re sore and scared. ⠀

So here’s our top 5 tips to help you out ASAP and help support your core & pelvic floor recovery.

1) Ice.

Use Padsicles. Apply them for 10-15 minutes every 3-4 hours. Have them ready before your due date. Even if you end up in  an emergency c-section you can apply them to your incision. Trust us.  Prep them now.

Here’s a helpful video for applying them to a c-section incision.

2) DO NOT get constipated.

Assume you will.

Talk to your Doctor/healthcare provider about preventative measures. ⠀

I repeat. DO NOT GET CONSTIPATED.  It’s like mini childbirth for the pelvic floor and you DO NOT need to deal with that post birth. Trust us.

3) Use a stool every time you empty your bladder and bowels. 


Squatty potty is always a popular option. But any stool will do.  Keeping your knees slightly higher than your hips when you are peeing &💩 relaxes the pelvic floor muscles for easier emptying. Really a win-win, when your perineum is healing postpartum.

In fact this tip is great for everyone to use every time you use the bathroom. Knees slightly higher than hips position is just healthy for the pelvic floor overall!

4) Use fingertip support. Wrap a finger or two in toilet paper and when you are emptying your bowels apply gentle pressure/support to your stitches (if you have them) or perineal body (that area between your vaginal opening and anus). You will thank us for this one. Trust us.  ⠀

5) Make sure you are not holding your breath when doing normal day to day things- like rolling over in bed, lifting the baby. Blow out as you move.  This prevents increases in intraabdominal pressure – taking increased stress off your pelvic floor and abdominal wall.  A super simple strategy to implement but ALOT of people don’t notice how much they are holding their breath.

There you have it ! 5 quick tips. Hope that helps ❤️⠀


Congrats again ! And when you feel ready for more tips to assist in your recovery or to help you get moving again check out our other posts.

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-Eryn & Katie

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