Prenatal Pelvic Health: Pelvic Floor & Core Basics

Our 8-module video course, with over 4 hours of content, covers what you need to know about pre-natal pelvic floor health. At the end of this course you will have the information and strategies that allow you to approach birth with confidence. We hope this knowledge helps you prepare your core and pelvic floor for a strong birth and supports recovery and restoration as you transition to postpartum.

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Why This Course?

  • Pregnancy & childbirth results in tremendous changes to our core and pelvic floor.
  • As pelvic health physiotherapists we hear women say everyday – “Why didn’t anyone tell me about this?” and “I wish I knew this before I gave birth?”
  • We wanted to provide evidenced-based, easily accessible and affordable education to support confident and strong moms with healthy cores & pelvic floors
  • Research suggests that when women receive education improvement is seen in core and pelvic floor recovery, reduced pelvic floor dysfunction, and improved quality of life for women following childbirth. (Kisner & Colby, 2018)

Meet Your Instructors

Eryn Matheson, Physiotherapist

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Katie Kelly, Physiotherapist

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This module explains some of the changes that occur to your body during pregnancy. We examine how changes to the core and pelvic floor can affect how you exercise and prepare to birth.

This module explains what the core and pelvic floor muscles are, how they can change with pregnancy and why/how we should be preparing them for birth.

This module examines signs of labour, as well as the different types of birth – unassisted vaginal delivery, assisted vaginal delivery, scheduled C-section, unscheduled/emergency C-section, crash C-sections, & gentle C-sections.

This module examines things that you can be doing to prepare your body for delivery – exercise guidelines, exercise warning signs/red flags and how to perform fundamental pelvic floor exercises.

This module demonstrates some tips and tricks on getting baby to drop into a good birthing position.

– Stretches to Relax the Pelvic Floor (6 min)

This module demonstrates general stretches to help the low back, hips and pelvis to achieve birthing positions more easily.

This module teaches pelvic floor muscle relaxation techniques combined with perineal massage techniques, and discusses the advantages and benefits of performing perineal massage before vaginal delivery.

This module examines some techniques that can be used during labour to help manage pain. It also gives specific instructions for using TENS units for pain management during labour & birth.

This module demonstrates examples of positions to try when in labour and birthing, and explains the pros and cons of each.

This module walks you through what to expect during a caesarean surgery. At the end is a more detailed video describing the procedure.

This module discusses the likelihood of experiencing nausea and vomiting during or shortly after a C-section, and offers some tips to help. We also talk about tips to help if you get gas/bowel pain after surgery.

This module demonstrates helpful recovery positions to take the strain off your incision and instructs you in using incision splinting techniques to help with pain. We discuss why an abdominal binder is so useful after a caesarean and how to wear one.

This module covers how to care for your incision and monitor for infection. We also discuss using silicone for scar healing.

This module examines what to do if your scar is overly sensitive. We go on to describe basic C-section scar massage techniques and when to include them in your recovery.

This module talks about setting up the home for the postpartum period, using a belly support, basic core and pelvic floor exercises to begin with after delivery, and warning signs to watch for when returning to activity after birth.

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Our 8 module video course with over 4 hours of content covers what you need to know about pre-natal and pelvic floor health.

$167+Tax (one-time price)

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