We know, getting back into the swing of things after having a baby can be tricky. Maybe even a little scary. But we have a few tips for sex after baby that can make things a bit more comfortable. And we know you are busy – we’ve crammed our tips into a quick video. But maybe wait till the kids are out of the room, or pop your earbuds in. Just saying.

We know that mothers who had vaginal deliveries are often worried about tears and swelling and stitches.  On the other hand, C-section mamas have a hard time just lying flat or tolerating anything touching their incision. And to top it all off, postpartum hormones, especially if you are producing milk for your baby, can leave you very, very, very (yes we used 3 very-s) dry.

Tips for Sex After Baby


Now you are armed with some valuable information about how to return to sex after baby. Remember, do not go back to intercourse before you are both physically and mentally ready. The postpartum period can be exhausting and full of change, so do not hop back into things until you are really, truly, ready.

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Maybe you are looking for our online birth prep course – designed with your core and pelvic floor in mind, for both vaginal and cesarean deliveries – then click HERE.

And if you’d like all of that information in written form, check out this blog post that we did on the same topic.

And as always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out.

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