Are you someone who is struggling with a cesarean scar? Then maybe a silicone scar treatment for C-sections can help!

Silicone Gel for C-Section Scar

Some silicone products are in gel form.

Silicone Gel Sheet for C-Section Scar

Some silicone products come in sheet form.

Roughly 30% of North American births are via cesarean, and 1/5 women report a problem with their scar. Things like a pink/red colour, a raised scar, a firm scar or itching are common complaints. One simple treatment that has been around for ages are silicone scar treatments. Silicone is an elastomer product that is formed into gels or a gel-like sheet.

How Do Silicone Scar Treatment for C-Sections Work?

Silicone treatments work on C-section scars by:

  1. Improving the hydration of the skin, thus reducing scar tissue formation.
  2.  Increasing skin temperature – this can help breakdown scar tissue.
  3.  Transfer tension away from the edges of the scar, allowing it to heal.


How Should I Use It?

Silicone gel for C-section

Silicone gel sheet ‘tape’ covering a C-section scar.

Clinically, we find that the silicone gel sheets are more practical for C-section scars. The gel (which is like a cream) gets rubbed off easily by underwear and pants. The gel sheets can be re-used for a few days, so long as you are past the stage of a scab and have no signs of infection. Silicone gel sheets come in large squares that you an cut to the size of your scar, or in “tape” that is a long strip and you cut to the length of your scar.

We recommend that our patients wear the silicone scar sheets for most of the day, and then replace them onto the plastic wrapper to save them, while they sleep. Then re-apply to the scar in the morning. Usually we see improvement after a month of using the silicone treatment. Some patients see improvement quicker than that, while others need to use the treatment or up to 6 months.

Where Can I Get It?

You can find silicone scar treatments at most local pharmacies. If you can find a gel sheet that is specific to C-section scars, that’s even better! Often times the standard gel sheets are too small though. If you are willing to order online, we recommend the Mepitac Silicone Tape. It’s convenient and just needs to be cut to the length of your scar. But we have also used the Mepiform Silicone Gel Sheets and cut them to the shape of the scar. Both products work equally well.

We usually recommend that the silicone scar treatment for C-sections be used in combination with C-section scar massage. Not sure how to massage your cesarean scar? We’ve got you covered! Check out our ‘how-to’ video. We review our 3 easiest techniques to get you started on C-section scar massage. Click HERE! 

If you are looking for more ways to prepare for birth (either vaginal or cesarean), then check out our online course – Prenatal Pelvic Health.


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