Tailbone pain during and after pregnancy is a pain in the butt!

For some women they can experience tailbone during and after pregnancy. We know that the pressure from baby’s head combined with some ligament flexibility can lead to a straightening of the tailbone (Martin et al, 2020). This can be helpful in creating more space for delivery. But for some people it can also be uncomfortable.

We also think that around 7% of women will experience tailbone pain postpartum (Maigne et al, 2012). To be honest – pregnancy and postpartum tailbone pain is poorly studied. It seems that vaginal delivery, especially with forceps, seems to be a cause of tailbone injury. However, women can experience tailbone pain well after delivery, even if they delivered via cesarean.


There are many options of how to sit with tailbone pain and even some very useful fancy cushions, but if you are desperate grab a towel or receiving blanket and try these.

A) Railway Track Sitting: Roll two towels and place them perpendicular in your chair. When you sit, put your sit-bones on the rolled towels which gives a bit of extra space for your tailbone, with less contact.

Tailbone pain pregnancy

Railway track sitting can help with tailbone pain.

Tailbone pain pregnancy

Place sit-bones on rolled towels, to take pressure off of your tailbone.









B) Donut Sitting: Take one towel and roll it. Shape the towel into a circle (you can use some masking tape to hold it in lace if needed). Place tailbone inside the donut to prevent pressure when sitting.

Tailbone pain pregnancy

Roll a towel into a ‘donut’ shape.

Tailbone pain pregnancy

Place your tailbone in the centre of the donut to alleviate pressure.









C) Wedge Sitting: This one looks the least likely to help, but is the one most people end up preferring. Instead of sitting slouchy, roll a towel or receiving blanket. Then, sit up nice and tall, off your tailbone. Take the towel and wedge it under your sit-bones. This helps to keep you tailbone propped up and prevents you from slouching back onto it again.

Tailbone pain pregnancy

Slouched sitting puts more pressure on your tailbone.

Tailbone pain pregnancy

Roll a towel into a wedge-shape.

Tailbone pain pregnancy

Sit up with good posture, and tailbone lifted slightly off chair. Wedge your towel around your sit-bones to prop up your tailbone.












Give them a try and let us know which works best for you!

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